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When I decided to put together this company, I had many ideas.  I love to help people and guide them to see the beauty they possess within themselves.  Sometimes in life we really just need a cheerleader or guide to help us along the way.  To realize that we are not alone in a world where we feel sometimes, we are.  I wanted a place that I could work with people, help guide, create things, inspire, lead, and most importantly make a difference in someone's life.    I'm a motivator, entrepreneur, cheerleader, encourager, and more than anything, someone who wants you to succeed!

I love animals, Meditation, nature, rocks, minerals, herbs, reading cards, meeting new people and always looking for a new adventure!!

I am also a collector I travel in some strange areas to find some unique pieces of art.  I have some artists that supply my store with their unique stuff and enjoy the pieces and the people that make them.

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